Silver crescent tongue

Licks me into a new moon

Leaves me hanging, here.

—D.D. #468 7.11.13

These are the sad days

Dirty sweat-stain heat-stroke days

Red white and blue days

—M.Y.A. #430 7.4.13

Hold your breath and breathe,

Burnt tip toes on a tin floor,

Close your eyes and melt.

—D.D. #467 7.5.13

Dappled and twirling

And flirting with the sunshine

Trees line the plaza

#429 7.3.13

Existence smallened

By habit and routines as

Days become decades

—M.Y.A. #428 6.29.13

Birdsong like knocking

On the windows and the door

Of my shady nest

—M.Y.A. #427 6.28.13

I see the treetops

I see a bit of night sky

I see a baby

—M.Y.A. #426 6.27.13

Over concretegray

Nighblue pinkwhitecloud skyblue

Upside down evening

—M.Y.A. #425 6.26.13

First, dropping like sweat

Second, dripping like faucets

Third, gushing like storms

—M.Y.A. #424 6.25.13

Summer burns a path

Sweat stings as love’s “legalized”

Sweet baby sucks deep

—D.D. #466 6/26/13

Twitching lightning tooth

Flags whip ungently as in

To to fro fro to

—M.Y.A. #423 6.24.13

I’m never enough

An empty cup full of fear

Not empty enough

—D.D. #465 8.31.12

One month since my last haiku…

I am unraveled

Breasts drying up without lips

Baby thrives sans moi

—D.D. #464 8.8.12

A wise woman walks

Wild fires raise chaos

Her peace burns; steady

—D.D. #463 7/7/12

Fat Full Moon Belly

Sways into the starlit sky

Bright and wet and hot

—D.D. #462 7/6/12